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Who AM I?
Have you asked yourself that question? 

Together Divine

Every day in every way everything and everyone is getting better and better

Once upon a moment...

Pure Love materialized ... Fully aware ,

You flapped your wings and started flying fearless and free


Alive, Alert, Totally

And here you are,

let’s connect, dive deep and exponentiate the mighty power WE ARE within

photo_2021-11-18 14_edited_edited.jpg

Sneak peak into

a chapter of my story

For the past 33 years I have

traversed through what

I am calling a road trip through the

alphabet of life


Z to A...


From bottom to top, starting at

Z-zzz, because I was definitely

asleep at the beginning of the journey.

So asleep, I must have been snoring very loud

Then came the first sign of waking up,

when I reached Y...

Why?. Why do we exist?

Why so much fear, pain, struggle 

Many questions with no answers I could hear at that time

This lead me to X... I had to X-ray life for it made no sense to me.

I felt very out of place in society with the way of life as I knew it then

And so began the long journey to reach A

Ah! Aware 

Upon reaching S, I found spiritual practices that Opened my eyes

and the door to discover my Inner Self


It has been a deep dive with many

twists and turns, including the Death of my beloved daughter


Each letter on the Journey

providing tremendous Transformation.

From being controlling and fearful, a sheep in a herd of ignorance. Moving through the thick mud, the Waters of change, the Fire of transmutation,- to reach the Gold of Pure Love

A profound shift from fear and struggle to Harmony and Joy

Deep below the appearance of differences,

we are all connected 

We are the authors and main characters of our stories,

yet we are not our stories

My intention for working together is to allow the golden opportunity for the experience of pure love and joy to manifest

Facilitating the space for

presence, inner exploration, and simply BE-ing

Imagine living each day in Pure Joy and reaching your last breath with a big smile on your face and contentment in your heart.

How beautiful!

Image by Szilvia Basso

Aarya is an angel on this planet. Just being with her is a blessing in itself. She has a gift for transmitting love to all and teaching others to live up to their highest potential. Since I’ve started studying mantra with Aarya, my life has changed immensely. I’ve discovered true courage to face fear and become happy and well within. Many positive shifts have occurred in my life somewhat magically. I used to suffer from depression and have panic attacks regularly. Now, I start my day and fill my day by centering myself with the mantra she has taught me and it helps me lift into a higher vibration. In this higher state of being I enjoy healthier relationships and joy. 

-Betsy Cantrell

Workshop participant

Encinitas, California

Living testimonial 
Keenan Heinzelmann
Big Island, Hawaii

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