“Self - love through guided meditations was a wonderful experience. Came across fear, helplessness (for being away from parents) and anxiety related with deaths  of loved ones, but with Aarya's face full of glow and a warm heart full of love and her own personal journey with Durgha- everything was just mind- blowing and amazing. Never had such a deep conversation with anyone in my life, thanks to the small size class. Learned so much from you in such a short time and I promise I will try my best to follow the same practices in my day to day life and help others around me as well...Domo Arigato !

-Active Participant

The Change Called Death

2021-Online workshop

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"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy."

-Rabindranath Tagore

Aarya Joy

One of the key realizations I have had along this journey of life from birth to death, is that life itself is the most important and best teacher/guru. No matter how much we study, read, take classes and acquire knowledge of any kind. No matter how much we wish and want. 


Unless we go within, discover our inner nature, our divine truth and embody it, transmuting the knowledge into applied experience; what we have learned becomes useless and life is experienced as a never ending series of emotional, mental and physical ups and downs. Flitting moments of apparent happiness intertwined with many moments of pain


Every challenge, every struggle and every triumph is an opportunity to transform ourselves

For me, from 

 ZZZ… living half dead, full of fear, worry, doubt, ambition, desires, attachments, goals; on a roller coaster, avoiding pain and looking for pleasure

To becoming

Aware and feeling love, joy and harmony no matter what is happening around, has been a most wondrous experience


It has been an arduous path, with severe challenges and many tumbles.

An alchemic process of inner transmutation of iron into gold


A process for which I am immensely grateful for it has revealed the magnificence of life itself, the magic of every day, of every breath and the joy of embracing every moment fully


I am infinitely grateful to


ALL the teachers, teachings, practices, friends, foes, circumstances, challenges, mistakes, victories… that have one way or another played an essential role on this wondrous story 


Specially to my three daughters with whom I have intimately shared the journey as mother, friend, companion, care-taker and so much more. Each one providing precious gems that have been the greatest gift


To my eldest daughter Durgha, who died one day after her 28th birthday, on December 19th, 2020 and with whom I fully shared a nine year challenging dance between life and death as she went through severe health difficulties


She showed me about the ultimate life subject: Death, dying, moving on, changing form, that there is no death and from that I feel most fortunate

As for the studies and practices I have been blessed to discover and apply

After obtaining a Masters degree in health sciences, I had the fortune to further immerse with amazing teachers in yogic traditions, vedas, ayurveda, mindfulness, meditation, holistic healing modalities and sound yoga


Now I feel deeply blessed to be able to share the wisdom of the result of embodying the practices I have applied, and to create space where each one can grow and discover our own magnificence and joy, to fall involve with life 

In pure Love and Gratitude


M.S. Exercise Physiology, Wellness lifestyle 

200 Hr RYT Sound healing Yoga, Sanskrit Mantra.

Home Funeral guide. Minister and sacred ceremony celebrant.

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