Online and in-person courses and workshops

Death is sacred and powerful 


The vision and intent of our offerings is to open the door for you to release fear, apprehension, and dread of death and to bring light into the important moment of dying. 


There is a big difference between dying with regret, resistance and fear and dying in a loving, conscious and peaceful mindset.  


We invite you to join in and prepare to participate empowered in a most important event of your life which after the moment of your birth is the moment of your death

Death happens to any one at any time. Embracing this reality can help you spend your time in a richer way, and deeply appreciate what’s truly important in life. Acceptance can help you experience the precious in the present moment.

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Whoever is born, is going to die but in the fear of death, we don’t want to talk about it.  “Deeper dialogue with death” coursework with Aarya and the group members helped me to see death not as an end point of life but a continuous cycle of births and how to travel this journey with less desires, with a light backpack.

Aarya’s life journey, experiences, and her deep connection with her daughters inspired me to be a woman and a mom I would like to be. I would highly recommend everyone to dive deep in the conversations with Aarya and experience the place of peace and love....Domo Arigato !

-Bhawana Mayor

The Change Called Death

2021-Online workshop

Six Session online course
twice a week
Next Session
Starts Monday April 4th 2022
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Two weekly sessions
Monday and Wednesday
Eastern time

Pacific time
The sessions are recorded for those who cant attend live.
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Monday April 4
Wednesday April 6
 April 11
Wednesday April 13
 April 18
Wednesday April 20

The Six Sessions include


Awareness- Exploring our beliefs and feelings around life and death. Exploring the idea that death is not an end, rather a change of form. Eastern and western teachings regarding what happens when we die.

Sustaining- Caring for ourselves and others during challenging times. Having equanimity and inner calm


Reviewing- Looking at our stories. Different outlooks on living life fully by befriending death. Eastern teachings on life practices and preparation for death on a daily basis

Cleaning house- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities to purify, clean and transmute within and without.


Activating- Lifestyle practices to live more JoyFULL. Changing patterns, practices to overcome fear - conditioning and limiting beliefs


Completing - Embodying your new self free from limiting beliefs


60 minutes each session, with meditation, exploration, activities and personal questions

Along with custom inquiries  requested by you