Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
$33 per session
Image by Dennis van Lith
$55 per session
For success in manifesting your Zappy living, commitment is key

Therefore, start with a minimum of three sessions.

You can also choose six, twelve or more right away to fully dive in and open to a deeper immersion

Before the first session, we schedule a complimentary 
introductory consultation so we can clarify how we will be working together and therefore, create the space for resonance and harmony in the process

Sessions include


Awareness- Exploring our beliefs and feelings around life and death 

Sustaining- Caring for ourselves and others during challenging times


Reviewing- Looking at our stories

Cleaning house- physical, mental, emotional land spiritual activities to purify, clean and transmute within and without. Lifestyle changes


Activating- Changing patterns, habits to overcome fear - conditioning and limiting beliefs


Completing - Embodying your new lifestyle 


60 minutes each session, with meditation, exploration, activities and personal questions

Along with custom inquiries  requested by you