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Natural Home Funerals

Would you like to create


  • A natural, loving, beautiful, funeral ceremony at home or a private intimate space

  • An intimate and deeper personal good bye of your loved one

  • The experience of caring lovingly and in dignified manner for the body of your loved one by family and friends

  • The opportunity to choose the way you send of your loved one. To decorate and express your love in the casket or urn as a healing form of closure

  • An environmentally conscious disposition

  • The young ones experiencing and learning about death as a natural, transformative part of life. Offering them the opportunity to participate so they can process and heal in the love of a natural way of revering loved ones passage

  • A financial expense that is lower than conventional options

The beauty and celebration of life in death

The mystery and miracle of life as seen through death

Embracing death in love and beauty / differently

Experiencing death in a new light


Embracing death as a sacred passage 

Honoring life in pure love

For ongoing 

programs, events and online sessions to explore and prepare contact us

Guidance to create a loving intimate home funeral ceremony/wake


We offer general guidance and mentorship with

information and local resources you can find to support you in creating and experiencing a natural home funeral ceremony.


A natural home funeral usually includes sacred bathing, wake/vigil and honoring of your loved one in the privacy of your chosen private space.


The option to hold a home funeral is a true gift, for the deceased and especially for family and friends.


A home funeral provides an intimate and nurturing space for family and friends to say goodbye in their own terms and have catharsis with feelings of grief and loss.

Keenan's experience on his first home funeral

We also offer home funeral support to honor your beloved best furry pet friends

White Flowers

This was the first time I experienced a natural home funeral. My father had died a few months before. I had not seen him in over 6 years. For several reasons I was not able to be with him physically when he died, or attend his funeral. I had not consciously realized this, yet that event of my life was still an open wound causing distress within me.


Participating in the home funeral of Aarya’s daughter was an experience that will remain nourishing my heart throughout the rest of my life. There were many feelings coming up during the three day ceremony, some sad, some healing and filled with light. For me, it was a reconciliation with death, a deep learning to let go without judgement and filled with love.


Noticing how the grief gently transformed through the beauty of the ceremony, created in me an array of feelings of love and deep peace. My tears that day were for both, my father and Aarya’s daughter. I said goodbye with deep gratitude and left with a strengthened heart through the cycles closed in healing peace.


- Loy Anzola

Denver, Colorado

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