Sanskrit Mantra Practice

The power of SOUND. The power of the WORD.

One of the most powerful tools that we have in our journey of creation is Sound. With the word; be it in thought, spoken or written you can create and manifest what you envision and call forth with true meaning from your heart’s desire.


Since ancient times, sages, masters, yogis and cultures of many different paths have used chanting and the power of sound through vibration and the word, to harness the forces and powers of creation and manifestation. Everything is made of vibration.

Developing your own mantra practice allows you to connect with the power of sacred sound to create peace and wellbeing 


Sanskrit mantras are sounds of power. By reciting the sounds with full intent in your heart and with focus, you harness the vibrations of each sound and bring it into your being. 


In general, mantras provide a sense and feeling of happiness, love, peace, wellbeing, and on the long-term help you raise your vibration and conscious awareness. They provide a vehicle for increasing your experience of balance, harmony, peace of heart and mind, vitality, strength, radiance and centeredness. 


Developing a practice of chanting on a regular basis provides a great shield and armor for the turbulences of life and allows you to deal with what life brings in a stronger and more successful way.

You can practice mantras for general wellbeing as well as for specific intentions. 


The power of repetition


When you repeat the same sound or word or even a thought for a long time, you create a lasting effect in your body. The repetition of sacred and powerful sounds starts working in your mind and changing the vibration of the cells in your body, it creates a state of peace and increases vitality. This works at all levels of your being. 


The ancient practice of chanting mantras is traditionally performed by repeating each mantra 108 times, using counting beads called malas.


I have been practicing mantra chanting for over 20 years and the effects at all levels of my life experience have been extraordinary

On the sessions together we share stories, technique, we choose mantras based on your intentions and practice together until you feel ready to take it on your own