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Your Personal Wellness Companion

Aka: Thrive Lifestyle Coach

Lifestyle coaching

Ready to take the steps to live your life in joy, health and experiencing pure love?

Lets do it! I offer the support, experience and guidance to get you started, or get you deeper into your place of inner power and self healing


Get your daily self-care in your schedule 

Meditation Guide

Are you calling for a supportive / amplifying space for your meditation practice, or simply wish to go deeper?


Being still with yourself , 

-Sweet Power 


Private sessions - meditation - crystal sound bowls - simple silent company and calming presence… silent and still time to rejoice - dive in and experience pure calm and wellbeing

Travel Companion

Excited about traveling and exploring our beautiful world and wishing to go with an experienced companion to share the adventure?

I offer full service companionship for your travel adventures


Live foods  Cleanse (3, 5 or 7 day)

Purify your body and re-set your digestive system. Feed every cell to the core


Optional add-on: 

Cleanse your mind through electronic fasting 


Nourish your heart through silent stillness

Pausing from the daily routine strengthens your inner wellbeing and provides calming and peaceful experience


Unwind, cleanse, be with yourself and nature


3 day supply for $180

5 day supply for $300

7 day supply for $420


Includes Daily supply of:

 freshly brewed ginger and turmeric tea - increases your immunity, aids digestion and absorption and purifies your digestive organs

 freshly pressed vegetable juice containing: Beet, Cucumber, Celery, Dark greens, apple, and lemon (changes according to season and availability

 freshly pressed coconut mylk cucumber pro-biotic enhancer

 concentrated ginger, lemon, turmeric wellness shot

Additional options: wellness herbal tinctures

Ayurvedic or raw solid meals prepared to order

All food, and products offered are organic, freshly prepared daily with Pure ALOHA!



I offer the services to you with Pure Love

and appreciation by way of open contribution


You choose what you contribute in alignment with your integrity, in accordance with your prosperous being and the deep value of what you receive.  


Your contribution is:

- An expression of GRATITUDE

- A beautiful exchange 

Giving and receiving , we create the flow

to prosper and thrive


- A flow that benefits many others

From the contribution you give, we give a prosperous amount to support others. 

May you thrive and prosper every day in every way in ever increasing amounts
With Deep Love and Gratitude

Options to provide your contribution 


Zelle or 

Stripe payment link ( with 4% Stripe fee included)

Mahalo! for your generous 

and appreciated contribution 

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