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Aarya is magic wrapped up in a wonderful being!. We met years ago when she chaired a large event for our school.


I recall the first meeting we had with the committee chairs: she had provided a warm welcome of chocolate and other treasures at each seat. She is impeccable in her attention to detail and is a true creator of beauty.

I have also had the opportunity to experience her leadership in meditation and chanting sessions. I was pretty new to this, and always left in a deeper and enriched space.


Aarya is one of the finest people I have had the pleasure to call friend, teacher and inspirational being.

Craig Rubens

Boulder, Colorado


Immersive Retreats

Enjoy full time of self care completely immersed in a personalized nature retreat; cleansing body, heart, mind and spirit


Walking Companion

Wish to go out on walks, yet dont feel motivated to do it alone? Or have apprehension to go by yourself? Or need someone to motivate you to get going? A friend on the walk?


Travel Companion

Travel buddy and companion to share your adventure or visit to people and places.

Experienced guide for your travel needs


Live Food Cleanses

Cleanse body, mind and heart with a full supply of fresh made green alkalizing juices, tonics and salads


Meditation Practice

Enhance or develop your meditation practice with support and silent presence


Gratitude Gatherings

Practice Forgiveness and Gratitude with yourself, friends or loved ones


My heart is Full.   My work is in the rat race of the business world and I am a mom to two beautiful kids who are constantly needing to get from one place to the next.  


My inner light had burned so low in recent years, and I knew I had to do something to start the healing process and to start living differently.    Aarya gave me the space, kindness, guidance and pure love that I needed.


I did not expect to be transformed overnight, but I entered with an open heart, and practically overnight I have been filled to the brim.


I am also taking practices home with me so I can keep my own flame lit so I can best share that light with others.   In an extremely short time, Aarya helped me rejuvenate my body, mind and soul.   


I am forever in gratitude for this experience and for Aarya.

Pure Love and Mahalo!


2022 Retreat participant

Big Island, Hawai'i

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