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“Aarya is magic wrapped up in a wonderful being!. We met years ago when she chaired a large event for our school.


I recall the first meeting we had with the committee chairs: she had provided a warm welcome of chocolate and other treasures at each seat. She is impeccable in her attention to detail and is a true creator of beauty.


I have also had the opportunity to experience her leadership in meditation and chanting sessions. I was pretty new to this, and always left in a deeper and enriched space.


Aarya is one of the finest people I have had the pleasure to call friend, teacher and inspirational being.

Craig Rubens

Boulder, Colorado

Girl with Flower

Personal Guidance

Meet with me one on one for personal practices to help you kindle your inner power, freedom, strength and Love


Sanskrit Mantra Practice

Start or expand your own personal mantra practice / mantra meditation 

Girl Praying

BE*friend*ing Death

 Tools and practices to support you in exploring death and overcoming the dread and fear associated with dying 


"Aarya has created a beautiful community of chanters where everyone is welcome and greeted with joy and friendship. The class is full of laughter and happiness, lots of beautiful chanting and finally bliss!

I am more than grateful that I have been a part of this wonderful community since day one!”

-Cathy Marlowe 

Sanskrit Mantra Workshop

Encinitas, california

Image by Kelly Jean

Natural Home Funeral Guidance

Honor your loved ones who have died with an intimate, beautiful and healing natural home funeral

Couple Meditating on the Beach

Meditation Practice

Enhance or develop your meditation practice with support and silent presence


Gratitude Gatherings

Practice Forgiveness and Gratitude in powerful group meditation

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